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Scarborough Millenials Infographic, full strip

Millennials Infographic

We recently completed a new infographic for Scarborough, this time on the topic of Millennials (the roughly 18 to 29-year-old set), and it looks like it’s already receiving some coverage on the interwebs. This one was particularly fun to do because we were able to weave some humor in throughout, along with some very obvious […]


Jasmine & Yale’s Letterpress Wedding Invitations

Our friends Jasmine & Yale are getting married soon, and Alyssa and I decided to go all-out with our letterpress habit to create their invitations. The design process started on the computer, but the goal from the start was to create something really special, where the computer would only play one part of the tune. […]

Scarborough MLB Infographic at Times Square

Baseball Infographic

After the success of our previous infographic project, Scarborough Research asked us to create a new infographic to explain the data that they had gathered regarding “Generation Y” fans of Major League Baseball. The goal was to create a piece that felt “baseballish” and sporting without being overly cliché. I’m particularly proud of the angularly-accurate, […]

Scarborough Research Republican Voters Infographic

Super Tuesday Infographic

Scarborough Research asked us to create a very comprehensive infographic for Super Tuesday to explain the data that they had gathered regarding the demographics and media preferences of Republican voters. We went with a simplified type and color palette that we hoped would make the data easy to digest, and wherever possible, we erred on […]