Hand lettered Italian wrapping paper

One of my favorite things is… well… brown paper packages tied up with string. Well, perhaps not so Sound-of-Music-literally. But I love getting interestingly-packaged items in the mail, especially from foreign countries. For example I wish I had taken pictures of the post-Soviet Belarussian packaging that my first fisheye lens, the Peleng, came in. (Luckily, others on the Internet have, but I swear the packaging mine was wrapped in was a lot more idiosyncratic.)

Anyway, the other day, my fiancée’s wedding shoes arrived from Italy, wrapped in this wonderful one-color patterned wax paper. “Calzoleria-Pelletteria Acessori POLUZZI, Bologna,” it proclaims, in beautiful hand-lettered and manually drawn style, touting Poluzzi’s “Vasto Assortimento” for ladies, men, and children. Clearly this design has probably been in use for decades upon decades. It’s dripping with mid-century, Old World charm… the kind of understated elegance that Italian fashion designers and shoe purveyors seem to naturally effervesce.

I love that they have this paper. I love that they still use this paper. I love that someone is still printing up this paper.

Perhaps I’m a bit overexcited. It’s just… for every single design relic of yesteryear, there have to be hundreds of needless rebrands. I applaud Poluzzi for keeping this artifact around. Even if only to inspire me from across the ocean.

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