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Three Steps Ahead Etsy Store Advertisement - Beer Bottle

Three Steps Ahead on Etsy

I’m really proud to announce the “official” launch of the Three Steps Ahead Etsy Shop, where we are selling a diverse and frequently updated array of vintage goods and graphic design related pieces. Our current listings include: Canvas prints of Three Steps Ahead original designs, such as the “NYC: Isle of Manhattan” poster, derived from […]

NYU Stern Sophomore Cohort Creativity Challenge Poster Alternative Colorways

NYU Stern Sophomore Cohort Creativity Challenge identity

[singlepic id=367 w=500] [nggallery id=27] NYU’s Stern School of Business commissioned us to create an identity for their new experience, the Sophomore Cohort Creativity Challenge, a series of events that are geared towards creating camaraderie among Stern sophomore students, while working towards positive goals in the local community. To that end, we created a look […]

NYU Stern Orientation Program print photos

This project has been previously detailed, but I recently photographed the actual booklets for posterity. Here’s how they came out. [singlepic id=265 w=500 h=333 float=] [singlepic id=266 w=500 h=333 float=] [singlepic id=267 w=500 h=333 float=] [singlepic id=268 w=500 h=333 float=] [singlepic id=269 w=500 h=333 float=] [singlepic id=270 w=500 h=333 float=]

Life With Letters by Edward Rondthaler

A confluence of two posts

I love when I discover that two places, people, or things that I am interested in separately have something in common. I’m currently making my way through Life With Letters …as they turned photogenic by the late, great Edward Rondthaler, co-founder of Photo-Lettering, Inc. I came across this passage today (on page 60): … Occasionally […]

NYU Stern CACE Poster… on canvas

[singlepic id=1 w=416 h=624 float=] Back in December of last year, I posted some initial drafts of the Cohen Arts and Culture Experience poster design I was working on for NYU’s Stern School of Business. Through the inevitable revision process, many elements have been tweaked, including most obviously the color palette. We also added and […]