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ZYZZYVA No. 100, cover exterior before binding, designed by Josh Korwin


I have been very fortunate to be a part of the team at ZYZZYVA since taking on the redesign of the print journal and website a few years ago. Despite ZYZZYVA’s three-decades-long run, since I’m relatively late to the party, I luckily did not have to wait very long for a special milestone to come […]

Scarborough Shaken & Stirred Millennials Infographic excerpt by Three Steps Ahead

Shaken & Stirred Millennials Infographic

Our latest infographic for Scarborough focuses on the drinking habits of people from ages 21 to 34 in the US—”Shaken & Stirred Millennials,” as it were. Featured typefaces are Mostra Nuova by Mark Simonson and Andes Condensed from Latinotype. Check out the real one on visual.ly, or to see the infographic in its entirety (one very long […]

Pilot & Captain Miami poster, using Bauer House

Bauer House sighting

Pilot & Captain Miami poster, using Bauer House While browsing today’s Fab.com offerings, I came across this “Miami Travel Print” by Pilot & Captain (a.k.a. The Heads of State), which just so happens to make use of my sole commercial typeface, Bauer House. You can purchase the print through Fab.com (once you sign up for an […]