Today is DIN day.


For no good reason at all (or maybe because I’ve spent much of the day so far looking at infographics), I have decided that today is DIN Day. In honor of DIN Day, I have designed a birthday card concept that is also an homage to the talented Mark Weaver. I’m also just obsessed with the simple, utilitarian beauty of condensed gothic type. For the background I made use of a scan from a set of movie titling supplies called “Hollywood Titletters,” about which I will be going into more detail in an upcoming post, hopefully soon.

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  1. Michael June 21, 2010 at 8:36 pm #

    I took the bait with the “infographics” link and then was surprised to find myself at my own site. Complete coincidence. Thanks a lot for the linkage! Was this piece driven by how glorious that particular year looks written out? What are those great fonts?! What an R.

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