Diagonal: Fake Vertigo Poster?

While I’m on the topic of prop documents, this has been bothering me for months: a while back I was watching TV1, and I saw a poster in the background that looked quite a bit like Saul Bass‘s famous Vertigo one-sheet. The typography is almost identical in style. The colors too. The imagery and composition—same thing. Clearly this was an attempt to recreate the Vertigo poster without violating copyright.

When the poster showed up on a recent episode of one of my favorite shows, Louie, I took a snapshot and Googled everything I could; “Diagonal movie poster,” “Felipe Lares,” “Andrew Patrick,” etc. No results that made any sense.

Here’s the full text in case someone else is looking for the same poster:

Andrew Patrick
Felipe Lares

in Cary Leadmon’s
Timeless Adventure


Other posters in the background on Louie seem equally realistic, yet fictional, so the only conclusion that I can draw is that this is a recently-made, clever prop poster, designed specifically for TV and films where licensed property would cost too much to be worthwhile. Despite the fact that it’s almost unethical, I love that such an industry exists. It’s like the fake “sounds-like” music industry, where the melody is just slightly off from a well known hit. I hope that whoever was involved in creating it finds this and wants to tell their fascinating story. And if anybody can find one of these for sale anywhere, I’d love to start a collection of fake movie posters.

Update, 12/14/2013: As Deka pointed out in the comments, there’s been another sighting. Looks like the prop is making the rounds:

Diagonal, fake Vertigo prop poster

  1. It was 90210. My wife was watching it. I swear. “And here come the pretzels…” []

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