My visit to House Industries

Josh Korwin at House Industries. Photo: Ben Kiel

Josh Korwin at House Industries.
Photo: Ben Kiel

Last week, I was lucky enough to pay a visit to House Industries in Yorklyn, Delaware, my favoritest type design studio ever. On Friday, they held the first day of their “tag sale,” but I first stopped by a day early to scope everything out and meet the team. It was an absolute pleasure to talk with everybody there and to see how the company works. And before I left, I was stocked up on goodies; some were House Industries products and others were items they had laying around the office, presumably used as inspiration for past font releases.

Even better, I ended up on their “Show and Tell” blog!

You’re probably wondering to yourself, “what’s in the bag?” Well, thanks to the wonders of modern technology, I can allow you to take a peek inside of that attractive (and eco-friendly) ampersand tote to see the gifts I bought myself inside.

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