NYU Stern CACE Poster… on canvas

Back in December of last year, I posted some initial drafts of the Cohen Arts and Culture Experience poster design I was working on for NYU’s Stern School of Business. Through the inevitable revision process, many elements have been tweaked, including most obviously the color palette. We also added and changed the “marker” text on each of the map’s flags, added more text, and simplified the amount of variance between weights of the primary typeface (Tasse). I would usually be more upset about the scrapping of the script lettering in the original drafts, but given the additional text, the poster is much more organized and legible without it. Still, I like the fact that I can utilize this “blog” (as the young ones call it) to show the evolution of a piece, with all the ideas that were either scrapped or integrated along the way, rather than just displaying the end result in the portfolio.

Once the design was finished, I thought it would make a great demonstration piece for a canvas printing service to which a friend had recently referred me. It came out very well indeed—see for yourself through the gallery images below.

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