Blog t-shirt design contest winner

Speaking of campaigns…

Out of the blue, my lovely fiancée received an email this morning from Barbara Boxer, a US Senator from California. Her campaign is running a design competition to create a new campaign poster for her 2010 reelection bid. Now first of all, I rarely participate in contests. It’s risky business, to say the least. Years […]

NYU Stern CACE Poster… on canvas

Back in December of last year, I posted some initial drafts of the Cohen Arts and Culture Experience poster design I was working on for NYU’s Stern School of Business. Through the inevitable revision process, many elements have been tweaked, including most obviously the color palette. We also added and changed the “marker” text on […]

Drayton Hall newsletter redesign concept, interior spread

Drayton Hall newsletter, best feedback ever

I’ve been working with Drayton Hall, a historic landmark in South Carolina, to help redesign their print identity, including their on-site interpretive signage, their advertising, and their newsletter, among other things. The newsletter has been our most recent endeavor. They’ve had the same design for years now (worth checking out to see the “before” to […]

three steps ahead Wordle

Wordles Rule!

Looks like someone finally figured out how to make tag clouds attractive! The end result, although automatic, looks as though someone spent hours typesetting. This one took me five minutes, and is based on the most popular words on this blog as of today. Word up to Wordles.

Alternative three steps ahead New Year design

Happy New Year 2009 from three steps ahead

Another January First has come and gone, and in the spirit of commemorating round trips through the Gregorian calendar, we at three steps ahead would like to wish all of you out there a happy, peaceful, and design-filled year. Why the Swiss-Army-style pocketknife, you ask? Well, over the year I’ve realized that one of the […]

NYU Stern: CACE poster concept preview

Poster draft inspired by mid-century New York

By now you’ve probably come to understand that I have more than a small obsession with mid-20th-century graphic design. Pictured above are a set of first-drafts of a poster design we’re creating for New York University’s Stern School of Business, promoting their Cohen Arts and Culture Experience program. The program allows current Stern students to […]

Austin Sans

For over two years now, I’ve been working on a new typeface that I’ve named Austin Sans. Based roughly on the geometry of my previous release, Bauer House, Austin Sans feels quite a bit more contemporary, without losing its Art Deco residue. I finally have enough ready to at least show a preview here, but […]